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Southpaws: Doing It Right The Wrong Way

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The Development of Boxing Strategies, Styles and Techniques by Michael Hunnicut

The Development of Boxing Strategy Part 2-The Era 1900-1915 by Michael Hunnicut

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The Iron Men of Boxing

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Joe Gans, The Old Master: Was He The Greatest?

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Sam McVey: The Mike Tyson of His Time

In Defense of Jack Dempsey

Were Dempsey's Gloves Loaded? You Decide!

Did Jack Dempsey Take A Dive?

Joe Louis: Power, Perfection, Complete by Frank Lotierzo

Joe Louis: Named Greatest Heavyweight by IBRO!

What IF: Jack Dempsey vs. Joe Louis

How Joe Louis Would Have Beaten Muhammad Ali

Ezzard Charles: Subtle Greatness by Greg Smith

Rocky Marciano: Is He a Top 5 All Time Heavyweight?

The Case For Sonny Liston by Charles Farrell

What IF: Joe Louis vs. Sonny Liston by Frank Lotierzo

The Unforgettable Fire of "Smokin" Joe Frazier by Frank Lotierzo

The Men Who Could Beat Ali

George Foreman: King of The Super-Heavyweights

Mike Tyson: IRON and CLAY

Why We Never Saw Foreman-Tyson by Frank Lotierzo

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