The DeLaHoya-Trinidad Decision:

An In Depth Round by Round Synopsis


The Oscar DeLaHoya - Felix Trinidad decision is controversial among the fans and sportswriters who witnessed it. Can any big fight be without controversy anymore? It's almost ridiculous. I thought DeLaHoya won the fight with a beautiful display of boxing skills. In fact this was the best DLH ever! He landed the most damaging punches, and clearly landed the "clean and hard punches" until the last few rounds. He landed the crisper punches, the hardest body shots, and the best combinations. Trinidad didn't know what the word "combination" meant in this fight. He was throwing one punch at a time. It turned out to be a boxer (DLH) out- boxing a slugger (Trinidad). Only the better boxer was robbed of a deserved decision. The Associated Press had it 7-5 in rounds for DeLaHoya. An informal poll of newspapers at ringside had DeLahoya winning 12 of 17. Oscar won the "newspaper decision".

Most of Trinidads punches were blocked, hit DLH's gloves, and just plain missed. DeLaHoya boxed a beautiful fight. He landed nice body shots, he made Trinidad miss and he made him pay.  A nice exhibition of boxing. I guess most modern fans don't understand what defense is. Many  are not use to seeing fighters tuck their chin, block punches with their gloves, and counter-punch effectively. Aggression means nothing. There is no scoring category for aggression, only "effective aggression". Defense, ring generalship, and clean and hard punching are the other categories. DeLahoya was clearly the better defensive fighter and ring general, fighting his fight, making Trinidad miss- badly at times, and reducing him to a one punch at a time stalker. DeLahoya certainly landed the cleaner shots, while landing his share of the harder punches including buckling Trinidad on a couple of occasions. He gave away the last few rounds which was unpopular with many fans and the judges but he still won the fight.

I spent three hours reviewing the film at regular speed and slo-mo. I have changed my original score, both fighters missed frequently. But the film bears out that most of the loud "snaps", and "pops" of Trinidad's punches were landing on DeLaHoya's gloves. Only punches that land cleanly count. Compubox numbers show that Oscar landed nearly 100 more punches than Trinidad. The name of the game is "boxing" not "slugging". Oscar was the better boxer this night.

Here is an in-depth breakdown of the DeLaHoya-Trinidad fight round by round!

Round One:

Round Two:

Round Three:

Round Four:

Round Five:

Round Six:

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Round Eight:

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