It's hell to be forgotten
It's nice to be remembered

Cox's Corner Profiles
Bob Fitzsimmons, "Ruby Robert"
George Dixon, Little Chocolate
Jim Jeffries, The Boilermaker
"Terrible" Terry McGovern
Joe Walcott, The Barbados Demon
Joe Gans, The Old Master
Jack Johnson, The Galveston Giant
Stanley Ketchel, The Michigan Assassin
Sam Langford, The Boston Terror
Jimmy Wilde, The Mighty Atom
Benny Leonard, The Ghetto Wizard
Jack Dempsey, The Manassa Mauler
Harry Greb, The Human Windmill
Kid Chocolate, The Cuban Bon Bon
Joe Louis, The Brown Bomber
Henry Armstrong, Homicide Hank
"Sugar" Ray Robinson
Muhammad Ali, The Greatest
Roberto Duran, Hands of Stone
Alexis Arguello, The Explosive Thin Man
"Sugar" Ray Leonard