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Middleweight Winner: Harry Greb

Record: 105-8-3 183ND (48 Ko's)

Harry Greb

Ray Robinson

Marvin Hagler

Stanley Ketchel

Carlos Monzon

Bob Fitzsimmons

Mickey Walker

Roy Jones

Jake LaMotta

Tony Zale

83 pts

77 pts

60 pts

60 pts

60 pts

44 pts

32 pts

20 pts

19 pts

19 pts

Other Middleweights Receiving Votes: Gene Fullmer (11 pts), Dick Tiger (10), Charley Burley (10), Philadelphia Jack O'Brien (8), Marcel Cerdan (7), Ray Leonard (6), Tiger Flowers (6), NonPareil Jack Dempsey (5), Mike Gibbons (5), Carmen Basilio (4), Kid McCoy (4), Tommy Ryan (3), Nino Benvenuti (2), Les Darcy (1), Jack Dillon (1), Rocky Graziano (1).

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