All-Time Heavyweight Computer/Fantasy Tournament

Semi-Finals Part 1


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Muhammad Ali Tko 12 Mike Tyson


Jabs 61 12
Punches Landed 181 122
Punching Acc. 56.6 39.0
Knockdowns Scored



Cuts Sufferred



Official Decision: Ref Larry Hazard halts the contest at 1:12 of the 12th.

Coxs Comments: Before the fight Ali proclaimed to the press, ďI have wrote a song before I annihilate Kong; ďI told you press I was the greatest when I beat Sonny Liston, but you wouldnít listen. I proved it again when I whipped the Mummy and you lost yo' money. I beat Joe Frazier just to amaze ya, now Iím going to dance and sing and prove that I am the King of the Ring.Ē Indeed. Ali out-boxed and outfought Tyson in the same manner that Buster Douglas did. Ali used a fast jab, quick combinations, and footwork to out-maneuver and frustrate a charging Tyson. Ali utilized his right lead to tag Tyson every time he dipped to through his left hook. Ali's outside speed was too much for the short-armed Tyson to overcome. Tyson did have his chances. Near the end of the first round Tyson found the mark with a smashing right to the jaw that wobbled Ali before the bell. In the 4th Tyson landed a hard right to the body, and a hard right uppercut that staggered Ali visibly and he held. Ali exaggerated the effects of the Blow and managed to escape. Tyson didnít work the body as effectively as one might have expected and was willing tio clinch with Ali whenever Muhammad initiated it. Aliís jab was certainly the key to the fight. By the 6th round Tysonís right eye was swelling quickly. In the 8th Ali opened a cut over Tysonís right eye with a sharp jab. Tyson began to miss very badly. Ali was up now fighting off the ropes, evading Tysonís hook to the head and peppering him with a burst of 3-4 punch flurries. In the 10th Ali landed a sizzling right cross that sent Tysonís mouthpiece flying. Ali was landing at will at this point. A physically and mentally beaten Tyson took a pasting in the 11th and it looked like only a matter of time before he would fold. In the 12th Ali caught Tyson with a strong right counter that sent him to the ropes. Ali opened up with a flurry that had Tyson nearly defenseless. Ref Larry Hazard justly halted the bout.

Joe Louis Ko 3 Lennox Lewis





Punches Landed 66 40
Punching Acc. 46.2 38.2
Knockdowns Scored



Cuts Suffered



Official Decision: Ref Mills Lane counts out Lennox Lewis in the 3rd.

Coxs Comments: Louis vs Lewis was an exciting fight for 3 rounds. In the first round JL had trouble with Lennox long left. Around the 2:00 min mark Lennox found home for his chopping right which landed on Louis chin. Joe went down and was hurt. He got up at 8. Lennox pawed with his left looking for a finishing blow but Louis smothered him inside and clnched. Louis recovered as they exchanged hard body shots. In the 2nd Louis seemed encouraged after some advice from his trainer Jack Blackburn. Louis began to shorten the distance and press Lennox inside in the way that Bruno and Mercer did against Lewis. In the third Lennox was still winning the battle of the jabs, but was receiving some strong shots inside from Louis to the body. Suddenly, Lewis dropped his left after a lazy jab and Joe Louis exploded a exasperating right to the jaw of Lewis. It landed flush on the chin! It was a crushing blow! Lewis collapsed in a heap and was counted out.

There are now 3 fighters left. Jack Dempsey (who received a bye this round), Muhammad Ali, and Joe Louis.

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