All-Time Heavyweight Computer/Fantasy Tournament

Semi-Finals Part 2


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Muhammad Ali W 15 Jack Dempsey





Punnches Landed 224 119
Punching Acc. 48.8 36.0
Knockdowns Scored



Cuts Suffered



Official Decision: 148-140, 146-140, 147-139 Ali.

Coxs Comments: Muhammad boxed very cautiously the first 3 rounds keeping his distance and working his quick jab. Dempsey seemed utterly befuddled by Aliís ring movement and foot-speed. In the 4th Ali sent the sweat flying off Dempseyís head with a solid right cross to the jaw. Ali built an early points lead. By the 6th Aliís confidence was swelling. Dempsey was trying to pressure Ali and go to the body but was continually frustrated in his attempts to get inside and stay there. In the 7th Ali began to clown, sticking out his chin and daring Dempsey to hit him. Bad move. Dempsey caught Ali with an irresistible left hook and Ali went down. He was hurt, glassy eyed. Fortunately for Ali the blow came at the end of the round and he was able to hold on until the bell. Dempsey now began to force Ali to the ropes and bang to the body. Ali countered with short flurries, and had his moments but the next few rounds belonged to Dempsey. By the 12th Ali was back on his toes dancing, moving, jabbing, and pivoting out of harms way. Ali simply out-boxed Dempsey in the final rounds. In the 15th Ali nailed Dempsey with a sizzling right cross to the jaw and Dempsey was hurt! Ali opened up with some blistering combinations. Dempsey was staggering about at the final bell.

Muhammad Ali will now meet Joe Louis in the series final for the Heavyweight Championship of all Time.

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